So a few weeks ago I got an invitation to the VCAP4-DCD beta exam. This is the first time I have been invited to a beta exam so I jumped at the chance.

Because of the NDA, I can’t really say too much about the content except whats already know. The format is pretty much what was expected.

Exam length, structure and topics are outlined in the exam blueprint.

I really like the format of the in-exam design tool. You can see a demo here: I think it needs a bit more polishing as I got the occasional ghost image on the screen but it seemed to work well. I guess that’s what the beta’s are for. I tried to comment where I could, but for the most part the exam seemed almost complete.

I really can’t say how I did suffice to say its no walk in the park.

Its been a good experience. Studying for the VCAP-DCA/DCD exams has really improved me as a virtualization engineer. I have read countless whitepapers and technical docs and many of the new things I learnt I have applied directly to my job, making the environments I administer better.

A few of the resources which have been invaluable are:

 So thats it really. I am knackered, but happy.

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